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Let's Get Lost Installation
Let's Get Lost Installation
paintings on display at Hutchinson Art Center

Exhibition Statement:
Let’s get lost together. Lost in thought, lost in a moment, lost in a visual puzzle. Let’s let go of the pressure to decide and know. Let’s let the present wash over us and for as long as possible sweep us away in color, line, and material. Let’s get lost in just being here together.

My paintings and drawings emphasize the playful process. Painting is a negotiation of ideas and decisions taking physical shape: sometimes proud, lovely, or awkward and most often decidedly not heroic. The finished works serve as riddles meant for contemplation, not as vehicles for a singular message or conclusion.

My recent pieces use the material stuff of painting as structure. The paper and raw canvases warp and wrinkle based on how they are made—putting the process of becoming as much on display as the finished product. I like to keep the viewer constantly questioning, thoughtfully present, and even possibly a bit uncomfortable. The goal is to suspend the viewer in a state of active looking to create a prolonged experience where we get to—for a fleeting moment—set aside the notion of knowing and exist simply in a state of being.